Friday, September 25, 2009

Hanging drywall: almost done

Oh, man, I forgot to make sure the lens didn't have crap all over it. My apologies. OK, we're almost done with the drywall hanging process. Here's the office.

Where Kevin's desk will be.

And to the left of that - there's a bit still to go here, by the under-stairs-closet.

Here's a window in the stairwell that's had the inside edge done (the "return").

The inside of the bump-out.

Jonathan patched the hole in the basement window with insulation. These pipes all run to the addition. Soon, there will be a couple more, to hook the solar panels to the new water tank.

We bought some pendant fixtures for the bump-out today. And a ceiling fan for the bedroom.

By the way, local folks? If you ever need help with lighting, we highly recommend the Lighting Showroom in Keene. Those guys are awesome.

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