Sunday, March 6, 2016

they say it's spring

not technically, it's only the 6th, but that's the song that the magic iPod shuffle oracle tossed at me.


I've had a one track mind for a while now, and it's been more urban than not.

but the other day, this happened:


 this is the drippings of a 4" culvert at the edge of a neighbor's property.

signs of spring, of change: 

"so perfectly framable!" said a facebook friend.

I'm not sure about that - it's a little blurry for my taste. I've got to reprogram my neurons to take pictures and who knows? maybe actually use one of my 'real' cameras again. 

it's been a while. 

signs of spring lately: blackbirds a half mile from the house. and the other day, a shrew emerged from leaf litter a few feet from us, groomed itself, and took a nap in the sun.