Tuesday, February 17, 2009


I have two things to celebrate today:

My sooper-genius idea in which I launched a collaborative story writing project on facebook, that has yielded over thirty contributions from maybe 25 different people. So much fun. I wonder how it will turn out. As I told the dear boy, a similar fun to our wedding, watching the different strands of my social life weaving themselves together to create the epic saga of stephon the penguin.

And, my idea to get the town to kick in 100K to the yogurt guys' project - an idea originally scoffed at, but I just pounded away, writing and rewriting the memo. Got lots of helpful input. Finally got it past the finance director. And fwoop, like shit through a goose. Now if they can just raise the gazillions of bucks needed to build the facility...

Saturday, February 14, 2009

the consequences of a long dental appointment

hi dads,

I was going to visit you on friday, but my dentist apppointment ran late. There was a new hygienist - it was her first day, and she wasn't familiar with the equipment, so she was running a little late. And then we realized it had been two years since I had had x-rays done, so we did that. And then it had been several months more than it normally would since my last appointment, so my teeth were extra-plaquey, so she had to torture me for longer than usual to get me back to my normal Hollywood-smile standards.

And, I needed to get into town by 1:00 because Kev and I are doing a refinance on the house - the rates are super-low right now. So I drove by the turn off to the cemetery and waved.

Another time.

I miss you.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009