Monday, September 7, 2009

Bump out fully bumped

Hi gang!

So Kevin informed me that Things Transpired last Friday that he hadn't been aware of at the time (he was visiting his mom over the weekend). Thus, we bring to you, An Update!

The guys carved out some of the living room wall to more fully open up the bump out. There is a new header (the horizontal beam) supporting the roof rafters, and the wall to the left of where the old sliding glass door was, has been chopped out. As well as, I believe, some of the wall to the right of said door.

Without further ado, then:

Still up: staining that concrete floor. Doing the transition piece between the wood (well, laminate, let's be honest) floor and the concrete. The drywall on the inside of the bump out. And the two pendant lights we plan on installing in there. We'll have to figure out the whole TV placement situation as well.

Woo hoo!

Today in Oregon: sunny skies, and a sheep-sorting project.

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