Monday, November 23, 2009

While we wait for the rest of the work to be done...

...we are moving in. There isn't a lot of news to report, but it occurred to me that there are some views of the whole project that might make it more apparent just how different the whole house is.

F'rinstance, when you sit on the stairs, you get a wide-angle view of the office (that's my desk), and the bump out (sun space). Yes, the bump out is blockaded with stuff to prevent the cats from walking on it - the sealer coats are still drying.

Here are a couple of views from Kevin's desk:

His view when he's at his computer...

And if he turns to the right a bit... he can admire the wall hanging in the living room.

Here's a collage of the view from the stove - the addition is to the left - you can see clear out the back of the house some 50 odd feet away. Woo hoo!

Michael and Gary were here today, working on the deck. They've got some of the grate in that will be just under the roof line so that rainfall/snowmelt don't accumulate on the deck. Naturally, I didn't think to take pictures when there was adequate light.

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