Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Another hard day at work.

It was raining lightly outside for much of the day, and the office was filled with Kevin's project - more on that in a second - so the only decent place for Steve and Jonathan to take their break today was our couch. They l-o-v-e it it when I surprise them by taking pictures. I have a few of Jonathan I could use to blackmail him, but so far I haven't needed to.

This is what Kevin was busy with: applying urethane to the boards that will comprise the wall-o'-books. Tomorrow they'll get a light sanding, and we'll put them in their right places - most of them, anyway. (We are waiting for two more boxes of brackets.)

Since the first thing Steve did today was polish off all details pertaining to the 'sun space', that space is finally totally and completely done. So, we put the TV up on its mounting bracket. (We're going to improvise a nicer cover for it - that's the sleeve it came in.) It's hard to describe how HUGE the existing living room now feels, with just another 3.5 feet of width added to it.

The view from the couch at night. Yes, I know - it's kinda stark. I have received (ahem) ZERO tips for houseplants from my devoted following.

The view from the office, looking back at the front door. Those bookshelves on the left are soon to be history, as their contents will be incorporated into the new shelves in the stairwell. That orange thingey is a Roland Simmons lamp.

Word on the street is that Alan the Tiling Guy is coming on Friday. He stopped by today and dropped off his equipment and whatnot. Yippee!


  1. a jasmine vine that will climb around with delicate greenery and occasionally blossom.

  2. aha! I'll look into it! thanks for the tip!