Thursday, November 12, 2009

Somebody got cranky.

Yesterday was really no different from any other recent day: the same combination of sanding and saws, the same easy-going banter, the same level of dust and grit throughout the house... but for some reason I lost my mind. I want to move in! Please note: it's not even that I want to-have-moved-in, although that will be fun, too -- I'm saying, I want to do all the nitty gritty moving in: figuring out which books go where, which lamps go where, where to hang all the prints, what goes on the shelves vs what goes in the dresser....AAARRRRGGGHHHH!!! There is only so much a girl can do!! So I did what all God-fearing Americans do when in doubt: I got in the car, and drove.

By the time I got back, laden with such goodies as shower curtains, soap dishes, bathmats, and light bulbs, the guys were pretty much done for the day -- and they'd just applied a new layer of shiny goodness to the stairs. Which had to dry over night. So: no going up the stairs. In the meantime, Kevin had an allergic attack caused by Factors Unknown (gosh, could it be all the dust?), so he downed some Benadryl and basically passed out cold.

It was a grim time in the Brennan household.

"Who Cares??" our devoted fans screech. "Show Us The Pictures!"

I know, I keep showing the same picture - it's not technically the same picture, though. I don't think. Just sing along with me: "ooooohhhhhh......aaaaahhhhhhhhhh".

Look! A Thermostat! This has been here a couple of days at least, but I hadn't noticed it. It has Big Numbers for Old People.

Oh, and the door in the bedroom is back up, both top and bottom. I think the only thing left here is to add the latch that enables them to be secured together. Plus add a sproingy bit of something to the top corner of the upper half, so that when opened it doesn't slam into the drywall.

But for today's sexiest news:

Terry came back today and installed the goosenecks in the stairwell.

Here's a close-up:
The bulb on one is shot, so only two are lit up.

This is in the 'sun space'. The outlet and cable outlet (is that the phrase?) are new as of today. I'm not sure what the round hole is for.

And!!! And, and, and!
He also installed the pendant fixtures! Mmmmmmmmmm.....
The point of these is not so much to throw a lot of light around, but rather to prevent a Big Black Hole at night when we're sitting on the couch whiling away the hours. It's an accent thing.

Back in the office: Steve added the second shelf to the book case.

In the meantime, Michael and Gary toiled away on the deck. (Too dark for pictures.) We sought the OK from our homeowner's insurance rep to have the kind of cable railing we want. The key thing is to space the cables close enough together so that small children can't accidentally wedge their little heads in there.

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