Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Today's odds and ends.

As of yesterday afternoon, this is where Mike and Gary were with the deck:

(I took this shot first thing this morning.)

And here's where they were by the end of today.

Jonathan worked on the trim in the bump out (I mean "sun space" - old habits die hard) - the bits around the windows. Unlike the window trim in the rest of the addition, these won't get stained.

He also worked on the new drywalling underneath the top few stairs.
And someone - Jonathan? did a lot of little touch ups on paint here and there.

Please admire the shine on the stairs, which by now have a second coat of polyurethane on them. It's amazing how a good sanding and light coat of this stuff bring out the grain. We still need a bullnose on the edge of the top step. That's the little bit of wood with a rounded edge, that serves as the transition between the flooring, and the first step.

Steve also painted the risers and stringers today.

AND, bonus, the plumbers came today and put in the baseboard heating units in the addition. Here's the bedroom.

And the bathroom...

...and the closet. Also, see the hatchway to the attic, in the back left corner? All done.

This is a purely gratuitous shot of the glassed in bathroom window. 'Cause I love it. The little circle on the far wall is where one of the gooseneck fixtures will go.

We got up at O'-Dark-Early to get out to New Hampshire to visit the countertop guy. We picked which part of the huge slab of "Rainforest Green" stone we would like the countertop, the backsplashes, and the shelves for the tub's alcove to be cut. He should be done by the end of the week. This means that at some point next week, once all that's been installed, Alan the tiling guy can come back.

Here's Jonathan at the end of his day, cleaning up the day's sawdust so that certain cats don't get Any Ideas.

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