Saturday, November 21, 2009

The Dana M. Friedman Memorial Reading Nook

Here's today's project: we converted what used to be the bedroom, to a wee little reading room, using some of my dad's furniture. Thanks to our friend Dave (different Dave - this was Panama Dave) for help moving the couch up from the basement!

Not bad, eh?

The fun part was when we put the cushions on the sofa, and saw that there was a four-inch gap between them. Whoops! Turns out that when we gave our friends Pat and Vickie the matching three-person sofa last year, we'd given them the cushions from this sofa. So we headed out to their house today to do a swap. Now their sofa will cease spitting out its middle cushion. Whew!

Oh, hey - our first sleep in the addition was lovely! Lovely, lovely, lovely! In another week or so, some oriental rugs we've sent for cleaning will come home, and that ought to soften things up a bit - it's a little echoey in here today.

Kevin stained his new desk the same shade as the baseboards, shelves, etc.

All in all, a sweet day.

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