Tuesday, November 24, 2009

A final push: bookshelves, sun space, front door...

We had a full house today, for the first time in a while. Roll up your sleeves, here we go:

Now that the sun space floor is stained and sealed, the baseboards and trim along the sliding door can go in. There's John, muttering under his breath about how evil the plumbers are for having had the gall to install baseboard heating. It got in his way. Michael's in the background, contemplating the deck.

Steve started his day by putting the bullnose at the very top of the stairs. It was a special-ordered piece. You can see he's borrowed back the piece of flooring he used to burn out little plug holes for where the nails go. (I'd stolen it from him to use in an as-yet-unspecified art project.) At some point tomorrow, that little piece needs to get urethaned.

Michael on the deck. Note the grating - that went in yesterday.

The sheet metal place FINALLY constructed the uprights for the bannister. Here's Jonathan placing them. The goal here is to position the railing correctly so that the end of it can be smoothed out.

Oh, this is my day's project - putting up my bulletin board. Please note the profusion of tealights and the flashlight - we lost power last night for a few hours. I was right on top of disaster preparedness and did my part, by eating two bowls of ice cream. You wouldn't want a freezer full of melted ice cream, would you? I didn't think so.

John took a break from the sun space work and got busy replacing the glass insert in our front door. This isn't formally a part of the project as a whole, but it was flagged early on as something these guys could do. The whole door has been foggy for years and isn't insulated very well. But not anymore. Yay, John!

I baked banana cranberry walnut bread for the gang.

Michael and Gary cruised through their work on the deck. You can see Steve and Jonathan in the background, working on their respective projects.

Steve worked on the bannister while Jonathan started cutting and sanding the boards for the wall o' books. You can see a couple of them are in place.

Don't get used to this bannister - it's about to go away. The uprights will be sent to an auto body shop to be spray painted black. And then the cables will go in. Hearing that an auto body shop was involved, Kevin and I wondered if we could get flames painted on. I think that costs extra.

I've been chatting back and forth via email with a college roommate about the dreaded words "capillary action" as they pertain to unsolvable leaks in bathrooms. Thus fretful, I reminded Jonathan about waterproofing the alcove in the tub, and he painted this incredible layer of magenta goo waterproofing stuff. It turns out, incidentally, that Alan the tiling guy got the flu. But apparently he could be here as early as tomorrow.

By the end of the day, all the shelves were in place. (Not all are shown in the picture above, though - there's one more in that tall space.) Steve drilled little holes on the underside of the boards, where the tips of the brackets fit. Tonight, I need to vacuum the shelves down. Steve will finish up drilling the little holes. And then someone - likely us, actually - will urethane them.

The guys joked that we had ALL this shelf space, and we countered by saying that actually, we don't have enough. Kevin found that one of the bookcases will fit perfectly in the downstairs closet, so we immediately filled it with geeky grad school materials.

Here I am, looking my all-American best, in the slider, as photographed FROM THE DECK, hallelujah. Please note that in classic Sarah style, my shirt is mis-buttoned.

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