Thursday, August 27, 2009

Some big picture perspective

This one was taken from the far side of the driveway, down the hill. The red thing is the crew's trailer-full-of-goodies. Before the spring of '08, this hillside was thick in white pine - you wouldn't have seen the house from down here at all.

Here's the view from the garage. Please note, the newly-widened front landing...(the railings of which are being constructed today)...

As you can see from this one, the siding is making its way around the house. On the addition, we're having channel rustic siding on the bottom, and shiplap on the top. "Channel rustic" just means that there's a ~1 inch channel between the boards - like board and batten, in reverse. And this is the color it's going to be - we're not painting it.

The electrician, Terry, is here today - putting in the boxes and recessed lighting fixtures.

These are the lights that will be over my desk.

Terry also put in the boxes for three fixtures to be placed in the stairwell - these will be 27" flexible goosenecks with 50 watt halogen bulbs. They'll shed light on the bookshelves. Figuring this out - whether to have track lighting, recessed lights way up in the ceiling, whether to mount the lights over the books or across the stairs from the books - necessitated two trips to the lighting store, a lot of websurfing, and loads of excellent advice from their staff. I think we'll be pleased with the results.

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