Friday, August 21, 2009

in memoriam: the furnace (ca. 1972 - 2009)

The regular crew had the day off today, but that worked out well for the plumbers, who were here to put in the baseboard hot water/water supply pipes to the addition. While they were here, they yanked the oil furnace and associated ductwork. They left this sweet grungy space behind. Tomorrow's project - I'm shivering in delight at the prospect - mop that corner out for them, for when they hang the propane-fired boiler.

Look, the scraps fit me perfectly as rings.

We also hung out with the electrician today, plotting the overthrow of the free world via the careful placement of outlets and light switches. Tomorrow, we're borrowing the crew's laser level thingy to mark up the floor with where the recessed fixtures will go in the office ceiling.

After everyone left today, it rained. Hard. The bump out leaked. We called Steve and whined to him, and bless him, he came over and scrambled around on the roof putting a tarp up.

Here's Kevin's knee, the drip-catching stock pot, and Steve.

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  1. Industrial jewelry. Brilliant.