Thursday, August 20, 2009

Bump out gets framed in; siding's delivered.

This might take the prize for the coolest truck so far. This is WW Building Supply (formerly owned by my dad's oldest friend, from kindergarten) delivering the siding. They'll start putting that up next week; in the meantime, all of the windows are in - including in the bump out.

As seen from out in the lawn...

Next up: knocking down the wall to the left, putting in a ceiling, eventually staining the concrete a darker gray, getting drywall up on the wall behind Kevin, figuring out how to wire the exterior light...all the detailed stuff. The cats were surprised to see this today. I think they'll sprawl here in the sun on cold winter days. That's the plan, anyway.

We took down that plastic sheeting that was up for the past couple of days. Already, even with the cut out not complete, it greatly expands the feeling of the living room.

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