Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Second floor views

The long awaited views from the second floor!

This will be the view when lying in bed.

This is where the bed will be - the head of it will be where that ladder is.

These are the windows in the northwest corner. The stairway comes up from the left - then there is a landing in the corner where the taller windows are - then another couple or three steps along the north wall, on the right. The bathroom will have more-or-less the same windows, in the same place, so we'll have basically this view, from the bathroom.

Certain people who shall remain nameless, but whose initials are "Jen", keep pressing for a skylight in the bathroom on the grounds that we need plenty of light in there, but really, I think we'll be fine with this scheme.

The tub we ordered is apparently a gigantic thing, and has necessitated yet more revisions to the bathroom layout - at the expense of the closet. So far, so good, though - no regrets.

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