Friday, August 14, 2009

the noisiest day so far.

We had a new record today: seven guys were here. The usual crew - which is four - and three roofing guys. At one point, there was banging and carrying on - I'm quite sure - simultaneously, on all four sides of the house, the roof, and under the floor of the front room (where we sleep, and where I was futilely seeking refuge). Needless to say, the cats were nowhere to be found.

So. Onwards. Part one. The roof. Please note there is a roof, as in, shingles and what not, on the addition. The whole thing. One day. Magic!

There is a temporary roof on the bump out as well.

Also, the bump out is totally framed out. Next step: ripping out the wall behind it, and then pouring the slab, and then knocking out a bunch of existing ceiling up behind it, and putting the ceiling in.

Another thing that started today: clearing out (oh joy!) the mice-pee drenched old insulation from under the floor of the front room (which started life as a porch, that eventually got enclosed - so it doesn't have a proper foundation).

Mmmm, tasty. That's the oil tank lurking behind the day lillies. The oil tank is going away, because we're moving to a propane boiler system. These are the day lillies I started moving yesterday - I'll move the guys above this weekend.

Two items from yesterday that I didn't take pictures of until today:
The strapping on the insulation. That's the word I couldn't think of yesterday.

The plumbing. This part is cool: the pipe comes up into the shower, up up up, up through the ceiling and across the bathroom, and then back down to the where the vanity will be, which is what is shown above. Who knew?

And THEN my favorite bit of all: turns out that Steve has - for pleasant weather days only - the sweetest little car - a '59 Austin Healey Sprite.

So cute! He gave me a spin after work. Sweet!

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  1. Yous said, "Strapping". Mmmmm, Strapping.