Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I didn't post yesterday. Too many other things going on. On the house front, a variety of things to report:
The old furnace didn't just vanish. It went to live out on the lawn, to get a bit of fresh air before it makes its move to its next home, wherever that may be. In the meantime, the new wall-mounted Budaris boiler was installed last Thursday when the plumbers were here - I just didn't realize it at the time. Here 'tis.

The boiler vents to the outside through the wall; it doesn't use a chimney. (That's what that white pipe sticking out is for.)

Right next to the boiler lives the water tank:
The Old Water Tank.

The plumbers left behind the new one, which will be installed once the propane tank is replaced.

In other news, the crew has been...

...putting extra protection around the windows in the addition prior to siding going up.

...working on the new insulation and strapping on the front (south) side of the house...

...getting the new siding up on the original house - transforming us from a brunette to a blond, as Kevin points out...

...and installing a door to the eventual deck, off the east side of the addition.

I know you're all wondering, "but how are the day lillies?" (You ARE wondering that, right? You haven't forgotten about the day lillies?)
Here they are. They're done flowering. So far, they all appear to be alive.

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  1. Where are the updates!!! I am jonsing for an update.