Wednesday, November 10, 2010

what happens when you leave a man alone with a sledgehammer

Kevin had a board meeting this afternoon and got home just as I was heading out for choir practice. We smooched in the driveway and off I went. I figured he’d spend the evening messing around on the intertubes, but when I got home around 9:30 this is what I found:


No bathtub.


Except for this kind – a washtub filled with the remains of the bathtub.

Here’s me, at the discovery:


Kevin said it took twenty minutes with the sledgehammer (with the chainsaw helmet and heavy-duty earplugs), and two hours with the broom and vacuum cleaner. He even took pictures!




Wow. We only have a week of Our Hero Michael, so the more we do ahead of time, the better. (Sort of like friends of mine who just spent something like two solid days tidying up the house top to bottom so that the…wait for it…housecleaner could clean the house.) (The usual caveat here – “we” = I take pictures and move my toenail polish around. Kevin does all the work.) (Actually that’s not completely true – I made a diagram on graph paper of all the pipes for the sink, so that we can ask the guy at Perkins about the measurements of the new vanity, so we can fret about the best way to handle the mismatch between pipe location and vanity placement.) (Oh, and I blogged about it. That must count for something.) (OH I KNOW: I’ll be giving Kevin Reiki on his arms and back. Whew. I knew I was good for something around here.)

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