Monday, November 8, 2010

the usual nature stuff, but added bonus: mayhem and destruction

Another day, another four mile walk. We were blessed to have company today – a friend of Kevin’s from the wayback machine was visiting us.

On our adventures together, we saw…





Imagine if you will, YET MORE SHELF MUSHROOMS! P1020976


…of which this is the underside. So lovely. Like an underwater sea creature. P1020979


Here’s one on a white birch that looks like it’s a virus, in that it resembles the birch bark so closely. Don’t quote me, I don’t know anything about shelf mushrooms, other than that they’re beautiful.



Same tree, different example.P1020990


A couple more nature girl pictures before we move on to other things. This here is a hunk of Celastrus scandens, or American bittersweet. If the internet is to be believed, this is NOT the nasty icky invasive – that’s Celastrus orbiculatus, or Oriental bittersweet.P1020995


Lovely vine, lovely, lovely, let’s move on to mayhem and destruction.

You will recall we are redoing the downstairs bathroom. Well, with Holly-the-houseguest’s imminent departure this afternoon, there was no reason not to start in on taking apart the bathroom. And wouldn’t you agree, that the best way to entertain a houseguest is to arm them with implements of destruction?

The scene of the crime: the icky and gross shower insert:



Here’s Holly, armed with a hammer and screwdriver. Go, Holly!P1030013


Mmmm…fake pine paneling! What a surprise! (The whole original part of the house was apparently constructed out of fake pine paneling.)



Nice, huh?


ecchhhh. seepage. blegh.



We have no idea what that black pipe is. Really. Stay tuned.

As The Blogger, I confined myself to taking pictures only. After Holly left, I took myself for a five mile run. That’s right, I covered nine miles today. I am hoping that that will take care of the 500 calories worth of chocolate heroin sauce plus associated ice cream devastation. Blegh. Sugar is an addiction. Hopefully I’ll be back on the wagon soon.

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  1. Had a wonderful time visiting and deconstructing w/you & KB. Thanks for everything! It's not often that one gets to take apart the bathroom after using it. hee,hee