Tuesday, November 16, 2010

framing out the shower and ripping up walls

Our Hero Michael showed up today to begin work on the bathroom.


He obligingly posed.

The first order of business was to see if in fact, the shower could be manhandled into the bathroom – which has a very narrow doorway. You may recall the shower has been biding its time on the deck, as your better class of showers will do.


Answer: yep – and they didn’t even have to move the treadmill, which is good, because the treadmill weighs a frickin’ ton. Once they established that it would fit, they brought in the other piece (it comes in two pieces) and put one on the office, and one in the living room.

Michael then took a look at what to do about the fact that the shower is wider than the tub was. Solution? Rip apart the wall next to the tub, since he’ll need to insert another stud in order to attach the edge of the shower to something solid.


The wall on the left is what he ripped out. This is the wall I’d been debating painting over the weekend. I kinda yelled at myself about procrastinating on it, but I’m now glad I blew it off, since it would have been a waste of time. And you know what was behind that drywall? More of that fake wood paneling. Shudder!

At some point, the cats made their escape from the noise.


That’s Maggie, looking back at Charlie, as though to say “what’s taking you so long?”

Meanwhile, Michael got busy ripping out all the fiberglass insulation, and started adding studs to the back wall – this is what the Honorary Mother and Mother-in-Law grab bar will be screwed into. At first we were going to line the whole back wall with plywood, since we have leftover pieces from the gardenshed roof project, but Michael pointed out that it’s only 5/8” thick and might not be strong enough. So we went with extra studs, instead.


By the end of the day, here’s where he got to. You can see all the extra studs. And he’s started framing out where the end of the shower is – to the right, we’ll have some shelving for towels and stuff. Not shown is some framing on the floor that the bottom of the shower will be sitting on.


Construction sure makes a mess.

I spent my day figuring out how to keep busy in the middle of the noise. First, I practiced for my big day tomorrow – I’ll be doing my first Reiki attunements tomorrow – hooray! I’m re-attuning someone who’s already a Reiki master.

And then I spent part of the day working on music – learning the tricky bits of the mass we’re singing in choir.


I’ve got the keyboard propped up on one footstool, and I sit on another footstool, and I spent quite a while this afternoon with Charlie negotiating for lap space. Maggie didn’t want to be anywhere near all the drilling and banging, but Charlie didn’t mind as much, so long as he got to be sitting on me.


…as he’s doing right now as I type this.

And then I went for a run. In the old shoes. Grrrr. This is because the Asics were delivered last night…to the neighbor’s house. It’s our own damn fault – we don’t have our house number at the foot of our driveway. That’s a project for tomorrow.

So. No nature pictures for you tonight.

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