Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Is vanity a sin?

In today’s news, we have progress on the vanity front. Here’s the sheetrock going in behind where the vanity will be…yes, it really is purple. It’s the mildew-resistant kind.



Pipes have been diverted so as to fit entirely within the vanity’s footprint…



Here’s Michael screwing down plywood flooring to cover up the pipes’ new location…



They guys have placed the the vanity in its new home – that’s Kevin on the left, Michael in the center.



Gratuitous cat shot. This is Charlie.


As I type this, he keeps batting my arm with his paw. Stop it, babe, I’m trying to type here.


This is my current collection of solder spatters, pinned to my bulletin board. I get all excited by these because they remind me of Mandelbrot’s Set. (Geek! Geek!) (Oh, I didn’t take the photo on the top – that’s lava flow from Kilauea on the Big Island of Hawai’i. The photo on the bottom is the Bee Hive trail at Acadia National Park.)

For the math geeks – of which I do not, repeat not, count myself a member – this website will explain what the Mandelbrot Set is. I made Michael watch a YouTube video about them. We agreed, it’s pretty trippy stuff. There are loads of them out there – here’s one with tolerable accompanying music, and it’s only 1:41 long.

Time to head off to chorus.

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