Monday, November 29, 2010



See the little smears in the dust on the ledge here? Maggie’s paw prints. And here we have Conundrum #1 for the day: who is busted? Me, for not dusting often enough? Or her, for hopping up there and leaving evidence? She was hoping I’d left the empty tin of cat food in the sink after the 5:40am feeding, in which she received the merest sliver of Meat in a Can. But I am one step ahead of her: the rinsed- out can is sealed in a ziploc bag in the recycling bag.

There’s nothing like hungry, ambitious cats to make you do a thorough job with the dishes every night.

Nature time. It was cold this morning – below freezing. I staggered out for a quick walk, determined to get back in the groove.


Apparently frost looks like little bristles. Huh.




A mini-goldenrod Christmas tree!

Renovation Report

We have running water!



That’s a Danze “Antioch” faucet, for those fans who’ve asked.

Michael also started in on the drywall on the inside of the shelving space, at the end of the shower.

And I did something hugely spontaneous, but which actually has been in the works for a long time. Long hair is beautiful and all, but when it’s past the waistband of even your low-rise jeans…when you can’t ever just wear it down, because it gets caught and tangled in things…when you’re afraid to cook unless it’s practically in a bun (hair flambé, anyone?) when you have to braid it just to be able to go to bed, or risk being strangled by it…it was time.

I took the first pass, and Kevin fixed up the uneven bits. I went from 8.5 to 5.5 fist widths. (Grab your hair in a ponytail, with the edge of your fist against the base of your skull. Now use your other hand to grab the ponytail so that the edges of your fists are touching. Keep going til you run out of hair.) 


This is weird; I’m so used to being the longest-haired person in my circle of friends and family. I can think of only two women in the Bratt area with hair longer than mine, and both of them are reduced to wearing it only one way – in a long braid. I at least had figured out this rocking look:


Which brings us to Conundrum #2: Kinda fun looking? Or the dorkiest thing, ever?

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