Monday, November 8, 2010

more wreckage

Using the Magic Quantum Hammer of Delight…


…Kevin showed the bathroom drywall who’s boss.



The framing behind the bit of drywall that was getting nasty with mold does not appear to have suffered. As to why there is fiberglass insulation here – when ‘tis the kitchen on the other side – this is a mystery.

The new sink has arrived.


It’s not a square vanity – the sides are still encased in packaging.


This is the current, and loathsome, medicine cabinet. I’m emptying it out tomorrow. (Incidentally, aren’t you impressed by my extensive nail polish collection? Have you ever seen me in nail polish? No, you have not. These are for my TOES, duh.) Anyhoo, everything about this medicine cabinet offends me. The curlicue top. The oak veneer finish. It is evil. Soon, it will die. Well, it will go to Renew Salvage, where hopefully someone with less stuck-up tastes than mine will be delighted to see it.

I have zero nature pictures for you today. This is because I only ventured outside for long enough to retrieve the mail. It was a cat-on-lap kind of day.


  1. I love your bathroom destruction series! And all the fall colours, too.