Sunday, May 30, 2010

A new wave of things blooming.


Please to note the rhododendron blooming. And the magnolia tree finally got it together and put out some leaves. And, this is the key thing, this is a lawn that has been mowed. For the first time, finally. Not by me, no! Sweetpea, handled it.


Here’s a view of the back of the addition…see the bright green grass closer to the house? That’s what was seeded by the excavators on their way out. Isn’t the screened in porch cute?


This means the Buddha and his heart rock garden are a little more accessible.

100_1740 This was yesterday, by the way. After Kevin finished up on the lawn, we went to Walker Farm. And bought some melon and cantaloupe starts – see above – some magic fishhead solution to feed the container plants with, and (!): cow poop.


100_1741We didn’t get out on the kayaks today, but we will soon.


100_1744 At the back of the yard, under an enormous old maple tree, we have some blackberries just flowering.

100_1746Irises in the back of the house…

100_1749 Anemones in the driveway. Not shown: the little snake that slithered away.

100_1750And the irises along the driveway from the other day. They’ve all popped open. Someone’s eating the edges of the petals, though.

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