Wednesday, May 5, 2010

new flooring in batcave and front room!


In all of yesterday’s excitement I neglected to post pictures of the new flooring project! By the end of his time here yesterday, Michael had gotten almost all the way to the door of the batcave. The picture above is from the end of today. You can see the new, stained baseboard is in place. It’s not nailed in yet, because we couldn’t find any nails the right size, and that’s just as well, because Kevin and I managed to get the wrong size baseboard.


See that white strip? I’ve got to paint that orange tomorrow. Ooops!

Here’s what our living room looks like for the duration:


STUFF, higgledy piggledy. Oh, and the space in front of each of our desks, out here in the office, is similarly packed – the futon, the futon frame, the doors to the front entryway closet, an ottoman…

The cats are not psyched about all this.


The poor dears had to spend all day outside, in the perfect Vermont spring weather.

In the meantime, Michael got busy with the front room.

100_1537    100_1538

He started by the windows and is working his way towards the half wall that separates this room from the kitchen. Maybe he’ll be all done tomorrow?

Can you see the apple tree in bloom just outside the windows? Did I mention it was a beautiful day?

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