Tuesday, February 1, 2011

well, I guess dinner’s going to be late.

That happens when you realize you have a gas leak at 5:30 pm and the guy comes to fix it an hour later.


The procedure for identifying a leak in a gas line is similar to figuring out a leak in your bike’s innertube. You spray it with soapy water and watch for the bubbles. The black fitting, in shadow below, is the culprit.


Right now, the guy’s saying he’ll have to send someone out tomorrow with the right obscure tool (a particular star-sided screwdriver) to fix it. Did I mention there’s a massive blizzard on the way? You probably knew that.




Ah, spinach/cheese/rice casserole, how I long to devour you…I wonder if I can cram this thing into the woodstove.


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