Thursday, February 3, 2011

Life’s a beech

It was a quiet day. I intended to give Reiki to the folks at the chemo unit, as is my wont on Thursdays, but I arrived at the hospital and realized that I was coming down with a cold. The head nurse on the unit and I both agreed that it would be best for me to take care of myself, so I headed home.

It was a gorgeous day, so I strapped on the snowshoes and went to the edge of the woods behind our house. I didn’t venture far – what with feeling like crap and all – I basically just heaved myself over the edge of the plowed driveway and up along an old logging trail about twenty feet.


These are beech leaves. You probably know that.


But maybe you don’t. Beech leaves tend to stick around all winter.


See all the beech leaves, now that I’ve pointed ‘em out?


Beech leaf shadows on a …hm. Young cherry? I didn’t check. Oops.

When I was through in the woods, I ventured along the edge of the house and thwacked away at the icicles some more.



Let’s play, “find the Honda”.


I don’t think I’ll be driving the Honda any time soon.

In a last burst of effort, I shoveled out the tunnel from the sliding glass doors along the long edge of the deck. We’ve kept this shoveled, but after the adventures with the roof rake yesterday we caused another three and a half feet of snow to barricade us in, so I carved that out…


…and then the Nap Fairies came for me and down I went. Ugh. I hate colds.

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