Thursday, February 17, 2011

hope springs eternal

I headed over to the hospital this morning to do my volunteer Reiki gig. It was – brace yourselves – warm today: above freezing. We New Englanders get positively giddy at the first signs of spring. I observed utter craziness: People Not Wearing Their Coats. People Being Friendly to Strangers in Parking Lots.

There’s something quite lovely about being a Reiki practitioner. I treat patients and their caregivers at a chemo unit. Not everyone I speak to is open to the idea of receiving Reiki: it is a little woo woo sounding, after all, and would you want a complete stranger touching you? But quite a few people are open to it. Today I had the pleasure of feeling this one woman’s tension just…dissolving under my hands. Ahhhhhh. Thank you.

Speaking of things which are dissolving, here are some of the icicles on the west side of our house, which, due to the wooded hillside above it, does not get a great deal of direct sun. So these icicles are the most recalcitrant…but they are softening up.




It felt more inspiring today than it looked, that’s for sure.

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