Friday, February 25, 2011

can I bring a book?

Forgive my several days’ absence, devoted fans: I have been held securely in the clutches of one Alexandre Dumas. The Count of Monte Christo is one kick-ass book. Holy smokes. Intrigue upon intrigue. I even neglected the online world this week while I ploughed through the adventures of Edmond Dantes, Danglars, Villefort, etc. etc. Sadly, I finished it this evening. Kevin knows me so well. No sooner had I shouted “DONE!” in triumph, then he replied, “Next…

Which reminds me that every time our parents dragged the three of us to one of their friends’ parties when we were little, we always wanted to be able to bring a book with us, and we were never allowed to. Something about “that’d be rude.” Humph.

I am so ready for winter to be done. I can tell spring’s on the way by the changing light. The other morning dawned cloud-free, and by 9:30 am, the temperature at the solar panels registered 150°F. But that doesn’t say anything about air temperature: 7°F this morning. True, it warmed up to a degree above freezing today, but on the whole, it’s been a cold winter here. Here’s sweetheart getting another wheelbarrow of firewood from the pole barn, as we’ve burned through our next-to-the-house supply.


I did my half hour run yesterday outside, determined to get some vitamin D into my system. A foolish proposition, given that I was bundled from head to toe, but I’m pretty sure it was good for my soul to be outside. Sub nine-minute miles, I’m happy to report. It turns out that the secret to running faster? is to run faster. Shocking, I know.

As for today, I spent half the morning and half the afternoon doing my Reiki gig at the hospital. I usually get an attack of nerves before I head in – sort of like mild stage fright. But the nervousness passes pretty much right away, and then I can proceed with my nefarious plan to put ‘em to sleep. Bwah hah hah hah hah!

By the time I got home from that, and from running errands (thank you, Parking Goddess, for your blessings today), I was good and ready for this:


That’s Charlie on my shins, and Maggie on my thighs. A mug of chai, a featherweight Kindle loaded with a gazillion free (because the copyright’s expired) books…life is good.

Charlie, mid-yawn, looks like an Evil Beastie, no?



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