Saturday, February 12, 2011

a wee bit of backcountry XC skiing

Oh, sweet – it just started snowing like mad about a half hour ago, and then stopped: just enough for the branches and twigs to get a dusting. My friend Greenough called me this morning and inveigled me into coming out skiing in the woods with her.

I’d forgotten what skiing in the woods is like and I brought the camera.


What’s wrong with bringing the camera, you ask? My tendency to do the occasional face-plant. All is well, though; nothing broken on either me or the Lumix. That’s Greenough, above.


Anyway, we rambled around, sometimes following trails, and sometimes bushwacking, criss crossing streams on little snow-covered bridges.


Here’s an abandoned beaver pond…


I’ll zoom in on the lodge at the far end…


When we were through in the woods, we went down and up the final hill for a few swooshes. This is where one of my wipeouts occurred.


A fine afternoon.

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