Monday, February 7, 2011

how to drive your cat crazy

This one’s easy: play bird songs on your laptop in the middle of winter. This is also a good way to inject some zing into your own bloodstream as well.

I’ve heard birds outside in the morning the last couple of days, and I’m trying to identify them. Although I haven’t found an exact match, I’m going with cardinal for the time being.

I still have a cold. My brain’s melting. So’s the snow. Neither phenomenon is attractive, as I will demonstrate:

Me, watching the Steelers screw up the first few plays of the Superbowl. Note the pout.


The scene by the mailboxes. Blegh.


Not pictured: the dog poop. Somebody around here lets their dog crap in front of all our mailboxes. Grrrrrr.

I’m choosing to see this cold as my body’s way of releasing toxins. To go along with it, I’m in the midst of a major household purge – old paperwork, stuff I like but never ever use, stuff I never really liked but felt too guilty to part with…it’s spring cleaning time.

Whoops, I used up all my brain cells for the day. Bye!

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