Saturday, February 19, 2011

wily canadians

Cruel, cruel nature. Yesterday’s warm temperatures, which created cool bridge formations in the ice on the bulkhead…
…were succeeded today by below freezing temperatures, snow flurries, and gusts of winds that blew snow some thirty feet high above the pond. Fortunately, my plans for the day were of the nesting variety. At some point during the night, we lost our internet connection, which devoted blog fans will recall, means that we also lose our phone. Alas, this meant that I was unable to blow half the day on trolling the internets for entertainment, and had to resort to (gasp) reading novels instead. (Dumas, Count of Monte Christo, if you must know.)
We eventually discovered that the AC adapter to the modem is the problem. I just got off the phone with a guy from the cable company to have someone come out with a replacement. You may be wondering, “how am I blogging without an internet connection”? and the answer is, we’re using an AC adapter from an old laptop. Hopefully things won’t catch on fire as a result. So I’m on the phone with the cable guy when I realize, much to my shock and horror, he’s Canadian. He confirmed it. He asked, what was the tip-off? Duh, dude, it was the “aboot”. I guess that gives it away, he said. It makes it easier for us to keep track of you guys, I replied. Wily Canadians.
So where was I.
Oh, so then I finally left the house, trying not to slip on the sheet of ice that is our driveway, in order to retrieve the mail. And joy of joys! An old friend sent us a gift for the cats.
A catnip-infused bit of goodness. Thanks, Auntie Elena!
I put it down on the floor and instant mayhem was the result.
Later, exhausted by the wrestling matches, each cat retired to its respective place of repose – Charlie in front of the woodstove, Maggie on the pumpkin chair, the toy abandoned on the floor. I gave it to Maggie for additional photo op:
I’ve got a nine miler scheduled tomorrow. I hope it warms up.

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