Sunday, January 30, 2011

my life in outline form

I. Running.

A. Remember how I signed up for the Pittsburgh Half Marathon on May 15th? I’m at the point in my training plan where my long run this weekend was eight miles. Victory! I did half on the treadmill, and half out on the roads. My first outdoor run here in Vermont in a while. What’s this white stuff on the ground?

B. And WTF?! I know, I’m spoiled after a week and change vacationing in Florida.


II. Reiki

A. I just gave Best Beloved a full-on head to toe Reiki treatment on the shiny new massage table.

B. Modifications for future treatment sessions: I need a bucket under the headrest to catch drool.

III. Other current addictions

A. The Stieg Larsson trilogy. Kevin’s read the whole thing; I’m halfway through the third one, and we’re live-streaming the Swedish movies on Netflix. It’s important to have a hobby.

B. Peanut butter and chocolate chip cookies made with one part whole wheat pastry flour, three parts dehydrated peanut flour. Gee, why’m I gaining weight? I can’t figure it out. Mystery.

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