Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A vision in loveliness


I’m liking the new massage table.

I’m watching Jon Stewart talking about the shootings in Arizona. What is this world coming to? Some days I think I’m wasting my life, and other days I think my current lifestyle of cultivating inner peace is the exact way to go.

I was listening to NPR for a few minutes as I started making dinner. The question under discussion (and this is my rephrasing of it) was “does our culture of vitriolic rhetoric promote this sort of violence?” And the guy being interviewed sidestepped the question, and I got annoyed and turned it off. Really? This question even has to be asked? Our words are consonant with our actions. DUH, people! This is as true for individuals as it is for societies.

Dinner, since you asked, was whole wheat crust pizza. An essential component for inner peace is garlic. This pizza contained one head of garlic. That sounds about right.

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