Sunday, January 2, 2011

That rug really tied the room together.

Happy new year! Yeah, I know, that’s so, practically last week. We celebrated in style: a normal evening at home. Heaven. So what’s the good word.


This little beauty is on its way here – I’m loving how it has both orange and purple. It will integrate the bathroom with the rest of the house, basically. Yes, the bathroom – it’s Almost Done. Kevin’s wrapped up the baseboards, and he put up the the new light fixture – it’s been re-positioned a couple of times, but it’s settled down. The medicine cabinet is up. The shelving is up. The shower curtain’s in.


Here’s the medicine cabinet – it matches the vanity. I whiled away a pleasant hour yesterday setting this up and purging out-dated and expired toiletries, unguents, potions, balms, crap from no kidding, the mid-nineties.


Shelving. Note the alternating white and purple shelves. We’re thinking of putting a little curtain in front of this.

Next up: the new ceiling, which Our Hero Michael will do, perhaps as early as this coming week, and installing the towel rod, which we will do. Oh, and some kind of curtain or shade for the window. (I accidentally dismantled and killed the plastic venetian blind – oops! how could I be so careless? heh heh.) (I hate venetian blinds, apparently.)

I knocked out a six mile run this morning in sunny 37° weather, and took the first shower in here. I’m pleased to say: it worked!

In other news. We went to see “Spamalot” down in New Haven on Thursday night. It was awesome.


From the program.

The last time we were in New Haven wasn’t all that long ago – June of ‘09 for my 20th reunion (gack!) – and given that I lived either in New Haven or nearby for eleven years after graduation, I’ve had plenty of opportunities to note the changes that time has brought. But for some reason, I was feeling particularly nostalgic.


Lord only knows who occupies this space now. This is where RPM started out. (Where I worked. For 10-odd years. Saving the world, and all.)


  1. haha. "That rug really tied the room together." Man I love that movie. :)

  2. Thank you, Stephanie! You get the prize! Which! You get points.