Wednesday, October 6, 2010

let’s raise the roof

While I was gallivanting at my high school reunion, staying up til all hours of the morning and having more social encounters in three days than I’ve had in the whole previous year, KB’s been holding the fort down. Or rather, deconstructing the fort.


He has pretty much stripped the roof off the garden shed, and let it air out for a few days. Today’s project: cover it with a tarp until we can start putting a new roof on.


This project was actually fun. It involved clambering around like a monkey inside the shed, hanging on the rafters, balancing on the horizontal shelves and on random piles of stacked plywood, spreading the tarp out. We got the orientation of the tarp wrong three times in a row, but finally got it on straight.




In the meantime, the brook is solidly brook-like again after recent rains.


The blue cohosh has lost all its leaves and only desolate berries remain. Are they desolate? Maybe they’re resolute.



The baneberry, on the other hand… I feel pretty confident in saying these guys are desolate.


With all the foliage dying back, it’s easier to spot a few milkweeds on the hillside. Here’s one engaged in a pitched battle with whatever this vine is. (You’d think I would have identified it already, but tsk tsk I’ve kind of taken it for granted and never bothered to key it out.)



Aren’t these supposed to explode the way cattails do? Hm.



There’s one more holdout in the melon patch. This is neither a cantaloupe nor a watermelon. Any guesses? It’s not wanting to be picked yet…


Finally, the grass really is greener over the septic tank.

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  1. The holdout in the melon patch could be so many things. . . .

    1) It's the Great Pumpkin, DUH!

    2) It is albino pumpkin waiting to do it's mistress' bidding on All Hallows Even.

    3) It is waiting to make a bid for President in 2012 as leader of the pumpkin party.