Sunday, October 24, 2010

One is silver and the other gold

I have a husband who makes cinammon bread. Nyah, nyah!


This was in honor of a mini-college reunion, chez moi!


Ellen, me, Emlyn, Sara

Ellen came down from Hanover – a couple hours north of here – for brunch today. Emlyn and Sara came from points farther west on Thursday – Emlyn from Chicago, and Sara from NYC. We’ve spent the last three days yakking about our lives. Nothing finer than catching up with folks you’ve known since you were eighteen. This afternoon, we even tried to do a Skype video conference call with two other roommates, with limited success but a great deal of hilarity.

Last night, we went to a friend’s house to celebrate her birthday. As is usual in this crowd, we danced to Johnny Cash’s “Ring of Fire”.

ring of fire

Like so. Kevin at left, Sara in the pink sweater, Emlyn in the gray sweater next to her and the birthday girl on her other side, and me with my unkempt hair in the foreground. Various other loved ones as well, but let’s be secretive about their identities.

We did Ring of Fire at our wedding, too. We had such a big crowd for that that we had concentric circles, plus folks to take pictures from either direction:

Wedding - Dan & Cathy's pictures 043



What I love about this picture is, that’s my dad in the foreground on the left. Hi, Dad! I love you!

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  1. How fun to spend time with a group of friends that go way back. Nobody knows you quite like your oldest friends. And spouse too I guess. ;)