Saturday, October 9, 2010

In which I sort of behaved

Kevin and I joined some friends today on a friends-and-family private golf tournament in East Granby, Connecticut. Apparently, East Granby is overrun by my ancestors, but I did not visit any of ‘em today. Instead,  I worked on the finer points of putting:


Oh wait, wrong game.

There were twelve teams, and while the club’s staff moved all the golf carts into position, Kevin practiced his own mad skills.



It was a lovely fall day…cloudless…warm…


Our team consisted of Pat, Vickie, Kevin, and Elizabeth. Vickie and I traded off – she handled six holes, I believe, while I did three. So I spent most of my time driving a cart and goofing off. (Imagine, if you will.)



Kevin helped me line up my first putt.




Because we played “best ball” we actually progressed pretty quickly through the course.


That’s Vickie, Elizabeth, Pat, and Kevin.


When I wasn’t admiring their coordination, I enjoyed the setting.





Oh and hey! We came in second overall! Woo hoo!

P.S. Wanna see Charlie’s teeth?


Eight.Hundred.And.Fifty.Dollars. Thanks for coming, have a nice day.

Hey – he was in a lot of pain, and there wasn’t another option.

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