Saturday, October 9, 2010

my boy, the toothless wonder

No, I’m not talking about Kevin.

I’m talking about Charlie:

P1020181 cropped

This is Charlie on drugs.
Wha’s happenin’, man?

Charlie went in for a dental cleaning today. Did you know that cats occasionally need this? I sure didn’t. Maggie is only a year younger than Charlie, and her teeth and gums are fine, but it turns out that Charlie’s got this nasty condition - Feline odontoclastic resorptive lesions - in which his teeth basically are falling apart.

Somewhere around here I’ve got the vial containing the four teeth he had to have removed today. I wanted to include close-ups pictures. Wouldn’t that be cool? Macro shots of rotten teeth? No?

Our Toothless Wonder has stitches and everything, and he’s still a little wacked out from the anaesthesia. I managed to shove an antibiotic pill down his throat just now – that was pleasant for all parties, I can assure you – because he shows no interest in food at the moment. That’s how I KNOW he’s not feeling well.

If I find those teeth I promise I’ll upload pictures.


  1. Have you tried pill pockets? I use them for my dogs. Just saw a feline version. They're made by Greenies. Vets sell them, but so do Petco/Petsmart. They are absolutely a wonder.

  2. why no, I haven't! but thanks for the tip! when he's eating (and he's back to his normal FeedMeFeedMeFeedMeFeedMe regime - all I have to do is mash up a pill into his food and he's good to go.)