Thursday, October 14, 2010

spare me your puns about out of the box thinking

Before we proceed, ‘twas a lovely day. Again. Ran three miles this morning, the middle section of which was at an 8:30 pace.


OK, enough boasting.

I did mention the other day that I’m in a nesting kind of mood, right?


So it shouldn’t surprise anyone that I spent several hours today up in the attic, bringing down empty boxes for appliances we no longer own. Am I virtuous, or what? They’re all flattened out and piled up in the garage, awaiting their trip to the Great Afterlife. First comes the Purgatory of the Dumpsters. After that, I’m not sure – I’ll have to consult the Tibetan Book of the Dead Recycling for details.

Certain sisters need to be thanked for pointing out some follies in our garden shed roofing project:



Thank you, google, more specifically, a website called contractorsolutions dot com for this picture.


Kevin got some drip edge flashing, as shown above, and will proceed accordingly. I don’t actually know if that’s the kind he got, but you get the general idea.

Here’s some Vermont foliage for you suckers who live out on the West coast, or in Ohio (who ARE all you Ohio people? ‘Fess up, leave a comment below), or in the South.



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  1. Hi Sarah(and Kevin)... Greetings from Batavia, Ohio! Your Uncle and I are fessing up...we really enjoy reading your blog. You post such wonderful pictures of your home and the natural beauty that surrounds you in Vermont. Take Care, Karly :)