Wednesday, October 13, 2010

roof’s going up.

A gorgeous Vermont day! I should have spent it outside, enjoying the weather – it’s supposed to be blustery and cold. But my instincts must be kicking in, because all I have wanted to do is fall cleaning and nesting stuff. Which pretty much translates to organizing and consolidating stuff in the basement, and looking for stuff to sell or give away.

[Digression: What do you do when you have a pair of shoes that you literally NEVER EVER EVER wear, apparently for a reason, like, they don’t quite fit right, or the color is better in your imagination than in reality? My strategy has been to hang on to this one pair of Ariat clogs for…um…fifteen years. Yeah. Let ‘em go, Sarah…let ‘em go…]

Back to our story. Kevin, on the other hand, had the good sense to keep going on the garden shed roof project. We’d already picked up the plywood yesterday at Perkins – the place that supplied the vast majority of materials for our addition project last year. This morning, Kevin removed the old and rotting beams that all the rafters are connected to…


…replaced them, and got two pieces of plywood up and nailed down.



Here we are, replacing the same beam, along the back of the shed. (I helped! Yes, I, me, that’s right, armchair carpenter, I helped!)


The view from the roofless shed. As I mentioned: a gorgeous day.


Slim pickings on the photography front – this is all you’re getting. I wasn’t fast enough to get a picture of the woodpecker having at the front of the house. I did tell him (her?) off, though. No making holes in this house!

Tonight I’m off to choir practice. You heard right. Choir practice. I joined the local concert choir. I auditioned last week. Fortunately, my voice (“quite an instrument!”) was deemed acceptable, even though my sight-reading skills are (by now) pretty shoddy, and even though the choir is apparently over-run with women. This should be interesting.

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