Friday, October 29, 2010

autumn autumn autumn

Ahhh, happy morning. I started off the day with some Reiki meditation and a couple of creaky sun salutations. And then a cup of black coffee the size of my head. Perfection in all things, that’s me.


You can see the morning sun glinting off the pond in the distance, on the right.

Eventually, I took myself for a walk.


Should I be disturbed at the magic shrooms right in front of the elementary school? Actually, I don’t know a thing about mushrooms. I’ll get there, eventually. I do know that if you want to key them out, it helps to get a spore print, and I’m a little unclear on how to do that.


Some exploded milkweed pods.



So silky.



Rhus glabra – smooth sumac. This is a male plant – no flowers.



And now, for the wildlife portion of this post: I found this cricket bouncing all over the road. Late October and they’re still at it. Yay!



Best Buddha statue, ever.

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