Wednesday, September 29, 2010

I’ll give you a dollar for a better title than this

Kevin has been removing the roof from the garden shed, which has been neglected for far too long. Can you see him lurking amidst the shrubbery?


We don’t really use this shed, exactly. We just like it, and want to keep it maintained.


Here’s the head-on view. A previous owner has adorned it with that fabulous hunk of wood, reminiscent of a deer skull. No reason to remove it – it’s the exact sort of thing I’d put up.



Here’s the inside. Mostly, our neighbor’s cat, a huge Maine Coone named “Chopper”, likes to hang out in here. Hm, maybe our neighbors should be kicking in some of the expense involved in this project. (Expenses to consist of a) dump fee for the shingles Kevin already ripped off and b) Our Hero Michael putting on a new roof.)

It was gray all yesterday; it was lovely to see some sun today.


The walls of the little screened in porch are down, folded up neatly in the basement, waiting for next summer. I love the light at this time of year – a grazing light, that accentuates different details from the summer’s higher sun. None the less, I’m not completely ready for fall. Maybe it’s because I completed two huge goals for the year (the half-marathon, and the Reiki Master Training), and I don’t have that Back to School feeling about anything. Wiser people than I counsel me to wait for revelation or inspiration about what’s next for me: if I am patient, all will be revealed.

P1010977So far, all life is revealing to me is tomatoes.



In which case, who am I to complain?



Particularly when more are on the way?


Tomorrow I’m off for my high school 25th reunion. Here’s one look I might rock.


Or not.

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