Thursday, September 23, 2010

getting recombobulated here

I tried and failed to go for a four mile walk today. I made it as far as the village center, a half mile away. I just got distracted by a whole lot of stuff and had to take photographs. Which was a relief, actually, as it helped ground me. I’m still a little discombobulated from the epic travels of the past week and a half – having flown six thousand miles and driven two thousand miles…I’ve heard it said that you should never travel faster than a camel can walk. Your soul otherwise has a hard time keeping up.

And given the fact that my soul, during the final weekend in Portland, traveled to the outer realms of spirit and back a few times, well…let’s just say it’s good to be home. I’m collecting myself. Bits and pieces continue to report in.

So anyway. My walk. It was great to take my time and let myself get curious about my fellow travelers here in the ‘hood.

So are y’all familiar with shelf mushrooms, that grow on the side of trees when they’re dying?

P1010861 Here’s a nice fatty. Often they have beautiful colors and striations – these two (there are two, one above the other) look more like  portabellos, don’t they?

P1010866 Ah, but no gills underneath! See, I never would have known that without this camera. I just held it underneath and took a few pictures. I wonder why they don’t have gills. Hm.

P1010888 There are a couple of spots full of cattails near here…

P1010882 Some are still intact.



Some have totally lost it.


And some are in the middle of it.



What I love most about the camera is that it enables me to see more than I can with my apparently aging eyes. I just hold it up close and take more snapshots and then go “holy moly, I didn’t see that!” when I get it up on the computer.


Like the inside of that cosmos, for example.


And, you know me, I love the progression of things…here’s a neighboring cosmos. all done flowering and starting to make babies…


OK, just a couple more shots here – remember hawkweed? There are a few of ‘em still hanging on here and there.


Love that orange.


A neighbor’s yew hedge. Growing up, we had a neighbor with a yew along the edge of their lawn. I love these berries – so ethereally perfect. I used to love rolling them between my fingers. I settled for photos only today.

So the weekend in Portland.

I took the ART/Master Class with William Rand of the International Center for Reiki Training. It was unbelievably wonderful and powerful. I could probably blab on and on about it for days. For now, I’ll just say, it was the experience of a lifetime, except, I hope to have lots more experiences like it, and soon. Yawn. I’m heading to bed.