Friday, August 3, 2012

speaking of naughty bits

Remember the Venetian slippers of the day lilies at the orgy?

DSC_0394 (4)

Their little feet and legs are covered in pollen these days.

DSC_0386 (4)

Nearby, the lone pistil.

DSC_0390 (4)

Glinting mischievously.

DSC_0404 (4)

A few feet away, a yellow lily.

DSC_0408 (4)

…and its pistil.

Time for spiders on the black-eyed susans.

DSC_0413 (4)


DSC_0414 (4)

Same flower, other side. Someone else.

DSC_0473 (4)

This here’s a tussock moth. I tried to film it as it scurried back and forth across the table on the deck. That was an artistic disaster – I couldn’t get it to focus. Eventually I took pity on it and carried it out to the shrubbery where I figured it would have better luck finding food.

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