Thursday, July 26, 2012

re-disapparations, upside-down orgies, and stoner moths

Remember the mysterious disappearing Asiatic dayflower from the other day – in which a) we had two flowers and then b) suddenly we did not, and c) I concluded that the flower had been sequestered away into a little leaf pouch?

I take it all back.

DSC_0316 (4)

Here’s one of those leaf pouches, and it’s spitting out a new flower. Which leaves open the question, what happened to the two flowers from the other day? I’m so confused…

DSC_0327 (4)

Ahhhhh, this, I get.

Let’s play the focus game with a day lily.

DSC_0331 (4)


DSC_0332 (4)

or stamens?

DSC_0336 (4)


DSC_0335 (4)

or stamens?

DSC_0341 (4)

how about neither?

DSC_0345 (4)

Don’t they look like little Venetian Renaissance slippers? In which case, this truly IS an orgy – everyone’s upside-down with their feet in the air. They haven’t even bothered to kick off their shoes.

DSC_0355 (4)

I’m not the only one obsessed with flower innards. This is a primrose moth getting stoned in a common evening primrose. Scandalous.

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