Monday, July 2, 2012

one last post before I head out

I am in that mad rush of last-minute packing for my hiking trip in the White Mountains. Must.Get.One.Last.Post.Up before I go.

DSC_0008 (8)

Nikon with 85mm. The precision focus is alarmingly fun.


Lumix point-and-shoot. Not as great control over where to focus, but I can get right up in this flower’s grill, closer than the Nikon.

DSC_0020 (9)

This guy was as methodical as the hands of a clock.

DSC_0057 (9)

Dreamy milkweed. You can see the centers are swollen – perhaps the flowers have been fertilized?


Ahhh, grass.

DSC_0070 (9)

Never before seen! Someone visiting a bluet! Its eyeballs are so huge it’s a wonder it can fly.


Here is your typical ugly weed growing up in the driveway. Uh huh. This is ugly. (Can you see my eyes rolling?)

OK, I’ll be back on the weekend with pix of the world above treeline…happy sigh…for a refresher on where I’ll be going, click here.

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