Thursday, July 19, 2012

I advise against breaking your nose

Hey, guess what? Broken noses kinda hurt! Who knew? The swelling’s gone way down. My appointment with the “what now” surgeon was rescheduled for next week because – get this – he hurt his leg so badly that another surgeon advised him to go home today, thereby missing my appointment. So I won’t meet with him til Tuesday, 10 days after I broke it. That’s the outside limit for seeing someone and having it fixed on-the-spot. Not that I necessarily want it fixed on the spot, as I understand it involves chopsticks. I wanna be sedated.

I was advised by the doc in the ER not to lie down – to keep my torso at least 45 degrees upright. I don’t know for how long, but given how tender things still feel, and given how I typically sleep on my stomach, I’ve been sleeping in a big-ass chaise we have in our bedroom. This has cut into my Spooning with Best Beloved Regimen. My morning yoga routine – which involves a lot of attempting to touch my toes and downward-facing-dogs – violates the Stay Upright rule, and I have yet to use my brain power to devise another routine. So, no yoga in days. Running feels like it would be too jouncy, so I haven’t been doing that.  In short, I have gone from Super Duper Toughest Mudder of Them All, to Mildly Depressed Couch Potato, all inside a week. How’s that for accomplishment? And what do couch potatoes do? They hang out on the couch. Well, actually, they hang out in their their home office and work work work, and forget to Go Outside and Visit the Flowers.

Can you imagine the spiral of doom that is developing here? Pain + no exercise + no flower visiting = glum = why bother  = oh good lord, Sarah, just go outside already.

DSC_0170 (7)

Recognize this? It’s a tiny baby milkweed pod! With the petals and stuff still attached!

DSC_0175 (6)

Sumac flowers. Yeah, I had no idea, either.


Lobelia – Indian tobacco (Lobelia inflata)


Big Sis, the first black-eyed susan to open up this summer, is getting to be an old lady now.

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  1. Sarah, you can eat baby milkweed pods; just make sure no bigger than your pinkie finger. Boil 8min or so.
    You can also eat sumac berries - the red stiff upright ones - taste like sweet tarts. Can make a tea of them too.

    Frank got his nose broken in sparring a few years back - never had it reset and he's still my hot patootie so don't think you have to rebreak if your husband gives you a gentle kiss and smiles deeply into your eyes and tells you how gorgeous you look;)
    Love, Arianna