Wednesday, August 1, 2012

on success, effort, art, and beauty

This thing called a “job” – what is that all about? It’s so damn time-consuming. It’s not just the hours per se – it’s the overall effect of the hours on my whole Way of Being. I just have Not Really Gone Out With The Camera in a whole week, and I’m going to blame my job.

Psssshhh, I have only myself to blame. I’ve been efforting (new word) a lot in that direction, and the intangible pleasures have suffered.

In the evenings, I’ve been – when not saturating myself with the latest addiction, “Doc Martin” (a British comedy/drama on Netflix and now Hulu) – going through the backlog of photos and picking my favorite ones. I’ll have prints made, for my own satisfaction, or to give away, or perhaps even…to sell?

What do you think: how much would you pay to have this on your wall?


black-eyed susan seedheads


or this? blue cohosh.

blurry = art, right? no? I can do crisp.


thistle, from last summer

DSC_0114 (5)

dandelion, this summer



salsify (we think), this summer


bug un


bug deux

In other news, badminton is an Olympic sport? Really? (We don’t have cable, so I’m a little behind here.) Apparently, the Chinese and the South Korean badminton pairs were each trying to lose, because it set them up better in the subsequent bracket. Trying to lose. There’s a life philosophy for you.

DSC_0124 (4)

I still maintain that blurry can be beautiful.

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