Sunday, August 26, 2012

life = plasmic goo

On a run this morning, I noticed one last batch of a lovely purple-blue flower at the top of a hill about a half mile from the house. I’ve never photographed it before, so this afternoon I went for a walk to investigate. Much to my consternation, when I got to the spot where I was sure I’d seen it…it was gone. Vanished! Vamoose! Maybe it’s like my neighbor’s morning glories, which are, in fact, glorious, in the morning, and less so, in the afternoon. I don’t know. I plan on a drive-by tomorrow morning, if only to prove to myself that I did, in fact, see something there.

In the meantime, there were other consolations in the late afternoon sun.

DSC_0056 (10)

This, for instance. And…

DSC_0057 (10)

My first ever (around here) monarch caterpillar! Munching away happily on a milkweed leaf.

DSC_0063 (10)

It’s hard to imagine how this creature will turn into…


DSC_0876 (4)

…this creature.

But we can all hope, can’t we? To be transformed? It’s that mushy part in the middle that’s the tricky bit, isn’t it. The part where the caterpillar is ensconced in its cocoon, and literally dissolving into plasmic goo.

In other news, the white baneberry, or Martian Eyeballs, as Kevin calls it, is turning fire-engine red:

DSC_0037 (10)

DSC_0043 (10)

…while the lily of the valley berries ripen.

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