Friday, August 24, 2012

random scenes from recent days.

It’s been a whirl of travel and work since my last post. Visits with lots of old friends. Followed by a ton of work. Today I delivered mass of permit applications I’d been immersed in for weeks on end to state offices (for my job), and then handed out samples of yogurt to college freshmen (also my job) for a few hours, and drove a total of six hours to make all this happen. I’m so tired, I’m in my PJ’s…at 7:20 pm on a Friday. YESSS!!!

DSC_0884 (4)

Here’s that weird day lily leaf-stamen thingy again. This was our last day lily. Tis a shriveled mess by now.


DSC_0893 (4)

A purple-flowering raspberry. As tasty as it looks. Let’s not forget that fruit…is fruit. By which I mean, that stuff we eat? That’s flower-bits. In this case, you can see the original burry bud that originally held the flower…and an unripe fruit to the right.


DSC_0916 (4)

A chipmunk carrying something up an ash tree. It was so alarmed at our presence that it rushed up and up and up, and dropped its payload. Turned out to be a chunk of mushroom. Sorry, little buddy! I’m sure you’ll retrieve it later when I’m not looking…

DSC_0918 (4)

Indian tobacco, aka lobelia.

DSC_0920 (4)

Pale smartweed. Tiny guy. You probably have some of this in your lawn.

DSC_0923 (4)

Ah, the mysterious Closed Gentian. Mysterious, because it demurely never opens those flowers. Lord only knows how it gets pollinated. Well, I’m sure botanists know, which means the google borg knows. But let’s leave it as a Great Unknown for now. Hey: I’m in my PJ’s. You can’t expect me to work.

DSC_0925 (4)

Hog peanut, how kinky thou lookest this fine eve.

Yawn. Yay, weekend!

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